Basic school teachers salary Jamaica

Basic School Teachers Salary Jamaica


One of the main reason when i was in high school i did not want to become a teacher was the low salary they received. I can remember when teachers use to take home roughly $35,000 per month and with how i saw the economy going i said heck no into being a teacher.

Over the years however, the salary for teachers increased by a significant amount and while some were happy about this others still believed the government should pay them more. Having a diploma in teaching can give an individual over $60,000 after taxes and although i am talking about teachers here, how comes basic school teachers (level 2 qualification and ones with CXC’s pay has not increased by much.In 2014 i can recall the government saying there will be a 15% increase in basic school teachers salary but what can that do? minimum wage in Jamaica is now $6,200 per week for 40hrs of work and basic school teachers with only CXC qualifications are taking home an average of $17,200 per month and the ones with level 2 certification are taking home about $26,000 per month.

Now lets take this serious, what is really going on in Jamaica? 17,200 monthly is $4,300 per week so teachers with CXC’s are taking home less than minimum wage and the ones that have a level 2 certificate are working for $6,500 weekly, so basically CXC’s and HEART certification is not an accomplishment!! Basic school teachers teach children from ages 3-6 and this is the foundation for a child’s ability to move forward unto higher education. Basic school teachers have to be mothers, psychologist, friend, pastor and much more when they are at school because a number of parents are not helping their children at home so all the burden is left on the basic school teachers and yet they are under paid and unappreciated. Also each year they have to stand the cost to do police record, food handles permit and a number of other government related tax activities, so not only are they under paid they still have to be spending back the little that they earn.

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