How important is University? 1

University is a place of higher learning, meaning this is where someone goes and get the best education to fit the best job available in the working world. As a child growing up, i was always told that if you want to become successful you need a good college education. Now that i am grown i see things differently especially where success is concerned, you do not have to get a college education to become successful in life.

Everybody has their own definition for success, for me success is getting legit money with hard work and the ability to provide for yourself, your family and live a comfortable life. In this blog i do not want to give the impression that a good college education is not paramount, my point here is if the opportunity arise where legit and good amount of money can be made without attending college…..take it. Below i am going to point out the pros and cons of going to university.


  • Certified in a certain profession
  • Easier to get a job
  • More money
  • Better health insurance/retirement plan
  • Socialize more


  • Might not get a job after graduation
  • Student loan debt
  • Stress which can lead to health problems
  • Very expensive
  • Missed opportunities in the work force

So based on what i have pointed out above, going to university or skipping out on university has its negatives and positives so its based on you and what you want to achieve in life. A number of college graduates and non college grads have made great impact in the world, some inventing great things, some creating business models and at the same time have attained great wealth.

Also for example say you play basketball for a high school and after graduation a number of college coaches/recruiters from all over the world want you to play for their university for a full 4 year scholarship and on the other hand you have recruiters from the NBA wanting to sign you to a 4 year contract worth millions………which one would you choose?


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