Which Jobs are popular in Jamaica?

Which Jobs are popular in Jamaica

popular jobs in jamaica

Jamaica has individuals with all sought of qualifications ranging from CXC’s to Doctoral degrees, but which ones are more popular and how much jobs are available to help qualified individuals to secure one. Based on university costs and low job availability, less Jamaicans are attending universities now in comparison to a decade ago. The average cost to do a degree is now close to JA$500,000 yearly and getting a university loan at the Student loan Bureau (SLB) is more difficult now due to delinquent graduates and the return on invest (ROI) for a degree is very low and sometimes is not even worth it.

The good part from this is if you do have a degree and you get a good job you will most likely be set financially for the future, although it all depends on your area of study and how wisely you save. The higher the degree the more money you will attain and vice versa. Being a Web Developer and Career Writer over the years i realize that jobs that require CXC’s/GCE and HEART/NTA certificates gets more applications, more views and more shares on both social media and job sites. This tells me that its either that jobs are hard to get and people will settle for anyone or that Jamaica has less university graduates now than in the past.

I remember attending a Operations Manager job interview in Kingston, 10 years ago and there were over 50 candidates present for the same job. This was a lot because after getting my degree i felt like the competition was going to be low and i would secure this position easily. In this day and age where technology has advanced and more degree graduates should be available, less persons are applying for degree jobs and are more focusing on jobs that pay less. Below are the top 5 popular jobs in Jamaica based on statistics from this site and research done on other job sites in Jamaica.

1. Administrative Assistant/Secretarial/Receptionist Jobs

2. Customer Service Representatives

3. Cashiers

4. Office Clerk

5. Sales Representatives

All jobs listed above require at least two years experience and 5 CXC’s including English Language and Mathematics.

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