Online Jobs in Jamaica

Online Jobs in Jamaica

online jobs in Jamaica

Online jobs or work from home jobs in jamaica are hard to find, first of all finding a job online overallĀ is hard to find so just imagine our small island Jamaica. Most websites claiming to offer work from home or online jobs are usually job scams. They tend to easily trick people into this based on the fact that they charge small fees that people can afford so if a company offer a online job where you can be a member for only US$3.00 -US$5.00 most likely you are going to sign up because it is cheap and affordable.

In the past people could spot work from home job scams just by looking at the company’sĀ .com domain of a email like hotmail or which means it was not coming from a official business but now persons are building well optimized sites with their own domain email. I personally believe that any website that is offering a job whether work from home or job listings and charge a fee in order to get the job is a scam.

No website should be charging job seekers any fees in order to get a job, on the other hand if they get you a job and after your first pay cheque they charge a one time fee that would not be a bad thing because at least you got a job. Currently there are companies that allow individuals to work from home and you get paid but that occurs rarely. One of the main things i have seen people do in Jamaica working from home is build classified websites and place pay per click ads like adsense to receive payments.

The problems with these websites in Jamaica are they are too much in numbers, you have to be getting good traffic to make money and also payments from adsense can take weeks or months to receive especially in Jamaica. If you want to work from home the best thing to do is do your research and see what Jamaica is lacking and offer that service or you can sell things online with a market area in mind.

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