Overseas Employment in Jamaica 2

Overseas Employment in Jamaica

Overseas employment in Jamaica

Overseas employment is a top search for most school leavers in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. One of the main problems over the years was and still is….job scams in the Caribbean and most popular, job scams in Jamaica. To find a legitimate company that help in overseas employment is quite difficult in Jamaica and even if you do find one it is very expensive. For a recent school graduate to find over $US1,200.00 or upwards is not easy. Jobs for jamaicans on the work programme can last between 3 and 6 months with potential contract renewal based on performance. So investing over US$1,200.00 will guarantee you a profit.

Overseas employment comes in different areas and when i say different areas i am referring to private employment agencies vs the ministry of labor jobs. Farm workers are sent overseas by the Ministry and this is 100% legit as opposed to some private employment agencies. Over 7 years ago i signed up with a private employment agency to work in Turks and Caicos and this agency was licensed by the Ministry of labour. I made a small payment to register which they say would guarantee me a job, a few months passed i got no call until one day i heard the owner was in jail for fraud. 3 months later i tried another private employment agency that was also registered with the Ministry of labour and within 3 weeks i was on a plane to work in Trinidad. When i landed in Trinidad the person who was suppose to take me to my new apartment to get settled in told me it was all a scam and that there was no job waiting for me. To be honest i was a bit sceptical even before i left Jamaica but because a number of persons told me that they know someone……..that knows someone who had already used that agency i gave it a try. I however didnt give up i stayed and asked around where i found other Jamaicans and i eventually secured a minimum wage job for about 4 months. The point i am trying to make here is that not because a company is registered with the Ministry of Labour doesn’t mean they are legit. What i noticed about these private agencies are that they follow the proper channels to get registered and once they receive their license they start taking advantage of job seekers. The only way the ministry can monitor these agencies are only when they are reported by job seekers. Also a number of the private employment companies on the ministry’s site are outdated and they only cater for housekeeping and teachers. So if you have studied in fields that are outside the hotel or Education industry most likely you wont easily secure overseas employment by them. There are also a number of persons who got jobs Overseas, provided by private entities in Jamaica for example work and study programmes etc and have secured this for years. So its just all about finding the right agency at the right time.

For those who would like to give it a try, this is the Ministry of Labour website with all private listed agencies LINK

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