Politicians and unemployment in Jamaica

Politicians and unemployment in Jamaica.

Politicians and unemployment in Jamaica

Have you ever realize that when an election is near, members of parliament and councillors just pop up? Road work starts circulating, farm work cards are issued out and a number of other temporary jobs are found for individuals in communities across Jamaica. Well we all know this is done in order to attain votes but after they win do they still try to help our communities with jobs or politicians are not to be blamed for the unemployment problems in jamaica with or without a election.

Reasons why politicians are blamed

1. They make jobs promises sometimes that are never fulfilled.

2. A number of jobs are politically linked.

3. Many decisions politicians make regarding the country impacts job opportunities in Jamaica.

The truth is, unemployment is no longer a major political issue. It is still a very severe problem for individuals and families, many of whom will have to find new ways to make ends meet and rein in their hopes and expectations especially those who over the years have rely on politicians for help. But it is no longer a politically galvanising issue that affects the masses. Having been perhaps the defining concerns back in the days today gainful employment, wage levels and living standards do not provoke political action.

Unemployment has been turned from a political category defining a person’s inferior relationship with society into almost a state of mind, a natural state of affairs for certain individuals who are simply incapable of working. Indeed, slowly but surely, the label ‘incapacity’ has replaced the word ‘unemployed’, to give the impression that the central problem is some individuals’ inability to work rather than society’s failure to provide full and gainful employment. the politics of unemployment has changed dramatically.

Unemployment tends now to be seen as something that springs from a lack within the individual rather than a lack within society. What matters more to thriving businesses is the quality of public goods, including physical infrastructure and the quality of the workforce.

One of the best ways to understand how jobs are linked to politics in Jamaica would be through a survey from individuals with past experience over the years……what are your thoughts?

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