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Seeking Jobs in the Sunday Gleaner Jamaica

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Seeking jobs in Jamaica can sometimes be difficult especially if you dont know where to look, one of the main areas that job seekers look for jobs is in the Jamaican Sunday gleaner. Jobs in the Sunday gleaner comes in two forms, you have the classified job section where anyone can list a job and then there is the official careers area that only reputable companies can post jobs.

The Classifieds Job section:

As i mentioned earlier, anyone can post a job in the gleaner job classified section and thus it is sometimes difficult to know what is genuine and what is fake. Every week there are hundreds, sometimes even thousands of job listed in the gleaner classifieds and most of them are scams. You have people writing how you can earn easy money, people listing overseas job opportunities (the most eye catching) and also people offering job opportunities for live in helper both locally and overseas.

The main reason why so many job scams are listed in the Sunday gleaner classified is because the scammers know students and other job seekers search for job opportunities there and that they are also desperate for jobs especially overseas ones. They also know that they can easily convince people to pay a small fee for a job opportunity so in the simplest i can put it is “DO NOT TRUST OR PAY MONIES TO ANY EMPLOYER” with this in mind you are on a good path when seeking a job online or in a news papers in Jamaica. Also i must point out that legit jobs does exist in the classifieds but you just have be careful.

Careers Section:

The career section thus far seems to be legit because a number of big and popular companies job openings are listed there; for example NWC, NCB, BNS, JPS etc. Now the only problem with some of these listings are that they already have persons from within their organization for the job so you as a new University graduate with a fancy degree sending a application will just go unnoticed. When i was working in Human resources i got a number of application from individuals who just applied for random positions or as they would state it “any position available” and to be honest most application letters were not viewed because they were too much and others in the company were always trying to move to a higher job position within the organization so we would focus on those applicants first.

There is one thing for sure though, when applying for a job, send hundreds or even thousands of application to any vacant position that you think if hired you will be able to survive because jobs are hard to find these days not only with the negativity with our economy but also with competition and thousands of graduates are searching daily for jobs and you need to have something that others are lacking.

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