What to do after High School?

What to do after High School?



High school for many is the institution that helps in career choices and also the place that mold us to become successful or fail. Thinking back about high school i can recall focusing mainly on friends and playing video games, career choices were the last thing on my mind not because of the institution but it was the peer groups i associated myself with. It was not until the 9th grade i took my work seriously and started earning high academic grades in order to prepare myself for my CXC’s. Right now in 2016, there are a number of persons that look back and wish they had done better in high school academically and chose better friends based on their outcome in society.

Some students naturally have their career goals outlined before even entering high school because some have either witnessed hardship or would like to just set an example for the future generation. High schools in Jamaica are ranked based on their passing rates in examinations and also on their popularity because someone famous was a past student. I have seen a number of students attend high ranking schools in Jamaica and did not pass 1 subject, so i guess if parents are focused on sending their children to the highest ranking schools this doesn’t mean your child is going to get all their CXC/CSEC subjects.

What i have noticed over the years with High ranking schools is that when their students apply for a job or apply to Universities they are most likely to get accepted than someone from a low ranking school. This is not a good look because this is just telling us that universities and the work force are biased and many will not be granted an opportunity to prove themselves.

What to do?

After you leave high school, what is the next step? should i go to 6th form, should i apply to college, should i look a job or should i just stay home and see what happens………

No one can decide this for you, this decision should be made based on what you want to achieve in life. Schools are here for everyone but not everybody is going to get a diploma, this might sound a bit harsh but its just the truth. A number of successful business owners, entertainers etc did not finish school and they became successful because of their talents and also trying hard at what they love by never giving up. Lets look briefly into the options after high school and see where they could lead.

  • 6th form – Students attend 6th form because they are not sure about their career choices and also some attend in order to get accepted into better colleges. If you complete 6th form both lower and upper you will attain something close to a associate degree and thus you will be exempt from certain courses in college. Making this choice is cheap and also prepare one for college/university.
  • College/University – Applying for college is sometimes difficult especially without proper finances, course choices and also your academical qualifications. University fees are expensive, its hard to spend millions over a 4 year period for a degree and not getting a job. For students with rich families this may not seem difficult but for those using student loans, they are going to reach some real difficulty here. The best thing to do when attending university is to link with lecturers and business owners, let them know you and try getting a part time job even if it does not pay much, ensure that you take it because this will look good on your resume which will then make it easier to secure a job after college.
  • Seeking a Job – Looking a job after high school can be difficult and CXC/CSEC jobs usually do not pay much but it is better than sitting at home and depending on your family. When applying for a job ensure that the job is close to home, this will minimize your transportation cost and also help in you being punctual.
  • Stay Home – Personally from my experience i would say NO, the only reason a high school graduate should stay home is if he/she is operating a successful home business.


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