Why Doctors and lawyers enter politics in Jamaica?


Although the topic focuses on only two professions a number of people in high paying jobs quit their profession to go into politics. Politics in Jamaica or politricks as some would call it is filled with a lot of secrets and thus far the only time you see certain information is leaked to the public is only when the opposition gains office and start digging for secrets. Over the years we have seen where politicians live the highest and biggest life in Jamaica; mansion on the hill, expensive furniture, luxurious rides and much more. The biggest question the public always ask is how can someone in politics in such a short period of time afford so many things on their salary? Doctors, entrepreneurs, lecturers, lawyers, engineers are high paying professions and they have the option of having government jobs and also their private practice, and that obviously equals to wealth and yet they leave to enter politics.

Some people would say that politics do need educated people like doctors and lawyers to run a country and we would say yes but how can a medical doctor do this, is he or her gonna operate on the countries finances? Nothing is wrong with having educated individuals run a country because an illiterate person cannot handle the problems the country Jamaica faces but let the ones that attend university for that purpose handle politics.

Lets all agree to this, the main reason why people leave high paying jobs for politics is simple “MORE MONEY“. The salary that is disclosed as to what a member of parliament gets is none sense and some member of parliament also claim that the salary they receive goes to fund education, scholarships, medical and other needs of their constituency and yet they living lavish lifestyles.

Politicians run the country from taxes that the public pays and they also receive undisclosed funds from private companies and yes its a favor for a favor thing, i fund your party and you give me the contracts so we all win. Its sad to know that people will do anything for money and money can never be too much, they just keep pushing and pushing for more. Jamaica is full of educated individuals and they can do a lot for the country with their new and fresh ideas but they are not given the chance. Some politicians are so old that you sometimes see them sleeping in government official meetings, they cannot keep up so how do they really run our country. At the end of the day they don’t want to step down because the money is too sweet and millions are to be earned from politics so this is gonna continue for decades to come. So in conclusion some of the politicians that are under performing and some that are very old need to step down and give some of the young unemployed brains a chance because this is also adding to our unemployment rate in Jamaica.

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